Learning to Read Done Right

By Maureen Nisch 

Finding a highly qualified tutor can feel daunting especially since the tutoring market is saturated with tutoring companies claiming to have highly qualified tutors.  These companies hire inexperienced tutors that are often following a script.   On top of that, many are not fully invested in your child's learning because they are getting paid so little.  This artificial style of tutoring leads to poor tutor-to-student rapport and often does not result in sufficient gains in reading instruction.  


Now, stop and imagine your child working with a highly qualified tutor who understands your child's strengths and weaknesses, encourages your child to achieve to take risks to achieve their learning goals, and helps your child increase their reading ability in just a few short months.    This is all possible!

#1Find a certified reading specialist or literacy practitioner that has a Master's degree or an advanced certificate in a phonics-based, 'Science of Reading' structured literacy program.  Bonus points go to educators trained in Orton-Gillingham methods/programs such as the Wilson Reading ProgramLETRS, UFLI, IMSE, or an educational therapy program such as NILD.

#2 - Make sure the reading practitioner explains how they will administer a benchmark reading assessment as well as provide you with consistent and frequent progress monitoring updates as the tutoring sessions progress.

#3 - Ensure that the specialist is teaching skills and strategies and do not be afraid to ask the tutor what phonics concepts, vocabulary words, topics, summarizing strategies, and question types (just to name a few!) the tutor is working on with your child.  In addition, be sure the practitioner is using a phonics-based curriculum that follows a systematic scope and sequence. 

#4 - Ask what kind of interactive games the practitioner uses to help practice skills.  Research cites that it takes 400 repetitions to learn a new task, BUT, when learned through games and play it only takes.... 10-20 repetitions!  (Dr. Karyn Purvis

#5 - Listen to what kinds of metacognitive questions the practitioner uses with your child to help them stop and think about their own thinking.  Some example phrases are: "Why do you think we are learning this strategy?"  "How do you know this strategy is working?" and  "What do you think will be the outcome when you try this activity?"  

Knowing how to identify a highly qualified reading specialist is one thing, but actually finding one that is available to work with your child is another.  Not worry, I'm here to help! 

Hi, I'm Maureen and I'm ready to work with your learner!

I understand the struggle of trying to find a highly qualified reading specialist.  

Public school reading intervention classes are often filled with too many students for just one or two specialists to provide individualized learning time for neurodiverse learners.  Many families are opting for private tutoring or even homeschooling methods.  

That's why I began to reach out to families that were in search of individualized high-quality reading and language instruction for their child because I know I can provide effective, research-based techniques and strategies to improve the literacy skills of students of all ages.   I offer more than just skills based learning, I offer services that build confidence, and self-esteem - results that provide benefits that will last a lifetime! 

From Clients and Colleagues

"I just wanted to thank you for bringing joy to my daughter's learning experience.  She is so excited to talk with me about what she learned, and the magic that you create for her during her session. You are just what we needed!  Have a great week."  - Bryoni (Mom) - Georgia, U.S.A.

"Great teacher!  Highly recommended.  Maureen is very knowledgeable and has the ability to get my child to think.  She is well prepared and knows what foundations are needed to start the path to reading comprehension - especially with language delays." - Denise (Mom) California, U.S.A.

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